Monday, September 15, 2008

My quest to learn how to get wider hips; Product on how to get bigger hips

So I only found one product for this and it was an EBook from

I have been using it for a trusty good 2 weeks and have seen awesome results. I have started seeing result. I measured my hips and they measure a awesome 1 1/2 more inches. I will post pics in a week since I only planned on doing it for 3 weeks. They are working great! It gives you more then exercises to do so this is really helpful and something you can't find off the internet. I would recommend it 100%. The only thing is once you get it be sure to get your doctors approval to use it because it is extremely advanced and effective. It seems fast and everything is natural. Great wat to learn how to get bigger hips. I had gained wider hips from previous program I used to get a bigger butt, but it targeted mainly by buttocks. This, targets my hips so that makes my effects better. The 2 do have similar information but this concentrates on getting wider hips. There are no pictures for the exercise but they can easily be Youtubed. They also teach you to slim only your waistline to make your hips stand out more.


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-Love Yall